Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July 21 - Sister's New Earrings, Donald Trump and Governor Walker

This is really scary...Donald Trump is leading Governor Walker in the polls. It's pretty bad when someone like Donald Trump beats you in the polls. Hope people are paying attention. If you think Donald Trump is a loose cannon, he probably is. If you think that would be hard to beat, think again...Governor Walker says he's in support of one thing and then a year later, he supports something else. Oh, but then again if you read Trump's tweet, "all our soldiers are heroes" At least Donald Trump takes a stand, as dumb as it might be, but he takes a stand. Still like my Republican Marco Rubio and even more so today.

Worked on a pair of earrings for my sister last night. At first, she thought they were going to be too long but after they were done, they seemed a good length. Didn't want to wait  for an order of 3" gold head pins to be shipped to me so I went on YouTube and learned how to make my own head pins. Think I'll buy a little heavier gauge wire because the 24 gauge was a little too flexible. It was kind of fun to make the head pins because they have their own little spin. Like the spin of the bottom - check it out

The look pretty dark but the color of the paper bead is a mixture of pinks and peach colors.

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