Thursday, July 16, 2015

July 16 - Saw the dawn of the day through the rain

Really a great day today. Felt like the sun was shining even though it was rainy all day. It's a good feeling when you accomplish something and you can move onto something else.

My favorite aunt is going to be 86 soon. She is an example for my sister and I. Our mom, their sister, and their mother all died at 66. Auntie M gave us hope that we too can make it past 66. She lived up to her word that she would do this for us. Bless her!!!

Today's earrings were made earlier this week; the pink beads are made from fabric. Have a home for these for a young woman at work. Tonight I was going to assemble some more earrings but only got as far as putting some pieces (findings) together to make them. Hopefully either Michael's or Hobby Lobby have a sale on findings pretty soon. It seems like I go through a lot since I've gone into the assembly mode. I'll have to start making the beads again too but would like to do that when I'm with my sister-in-law. It's such an enjoyable time when we're together and we can talk the whole time because it doesn't take too much concentration!

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