Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6 - Back from Vacation

Never expected not to write my blog during my time with my brother and his wife; however, not only did I not write, I never wore a pair of earrings. My sister-in-law and I made paper bead, more paper beads, and then some more. We sure had a good time. There are so many videos on YouTube that offer different tutorials that tell you how to make paper beads. Have no problem making them but wasn't sure what to seal them with. After trial and error, varnish won out. The fingernail polish was nice to use but takes a while to use on each bead and the opening tends to clog up because you're in and out of the container so often with the brush and air exposure. Did like to use the special nail polish as accents - golds, silvers, metallic, etc. That was a lot of fun and really made the earrings into evening wear earrings.

Was watching a Korean drama and they used the phrase "every man jack", which I had never heard of before. Looking it up, it's an old fashion way of saying "every last one of us or them or whomever." Being up on many idioms, it was nice to learn a new one.

One of the things I did not miss while gone was the news. We were in our own little world. When we're in our own world, things go much better even though not every thing is good, most of it is. We were sheltered from the world. I think where my family lives, they are sheltered in the community even more. It's almost like a gated community but it's a city. It was wonderful. The air smelled good, the view was great, and the people were all friendly and got along with one another. There was no violence, no swearing, just goodness. I'm sure there is bad things there too but it was nice to experience all the good feelings.

The pontoon boat ride Saturday night to watch the fireworks in Stillwater was fantastic. I've always wanted to watch fireworks on a boat and thanks to my nephew, it was something I was able to experience. What a great experience too! The final firework was awesome. It was the largest firework I had ever seen in my life. We were engulfed in it. The embers fell above us about 20 to 30 feet. It felt like we were part of the firework. Glad they saved the best for last. Stillwater's mayor gave a heart-felt 4th of July speech, which were able to hear. The music they played made my heart soar when the fireworks were shooting overhead. Great time!!!

Didn't wear earrings today but here are a pair that I made today for my sister. Guess you aren't going to see them tonight. Picasso uploader is not worker. Will have to figure out what is going on. It seems like Internet is pretty slow tonight so that may be the problem. On a side note, I still don't understand why United States does not have the fastest Internet or at least be competitive with Asian countries in speed. Must have accidently deleted my network connection on cell - uploading photos now.

Liquid silver earring - love the look, wish it was mine.

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