Saturday, March 1, 2014

Intro and the Beginning of the Earring Journal

This blog is being dedicated to Donna B. whose journey ended April 22, 2013. Donna loved clothes, shoes, and jewelry, as her family can attest to. I do not think that I ever saw Donna wear anything twice but she probably did. My blog is going to be about Donna's earrings that I received. When I opened the box, my eyes sparkled because of the gift I received. There has to be at least a thousand earrings of every kind imaginable. Her earrings reflected what I consider to be her favorite color, black and Donna wore a lot of black.

My goal is to wear a different pair of earrings each day and write a little something. That little something could be anything from something of interest of the day, a thought about family including Donna, or a quote. Whatever is written will be inspired by the earrings of the day.

I have to admit there are some earrings that I won't wear. So occasionally, there will be a photo of some earrings at random to show these earrings. My sister is the beneficiary of the hoops which came in both silver and black. Since hoops aren't my style and they are my sister's style, she will get good use out of them.

The journey begins and Donna lives on through us...

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