Monday, March 17, 2014

Earring - 0023 Steel

It was a mellow day this day working with cemetery files of veterans. These earrings reminded me of times gone by. They remind me of old steel and old lace and definitely of some old woman's pearl earrings. As I go through the veterans' files, I think about their families and I think about my family. Three of my brothers were in the Navy (My other brother wanted to join but it wasn't in his cards), my first husband was in the Navy, my son was almost 20 years in the Army, and one of my nephews was almost 15 years in the Navy, one of my uncles retired from the Air Force after 20+ years and another retired from the Navy after 20+ years. I consider us a military family even though my dad wasn't in the service. He tried but he had bad timing; too young for one war and too old for the other. That didn't stop our family from being patriotic. Donna's husband was in the military too.

Thank you to all the veterans that I know and to all that I don't know. I appreciate the time you have given and the effort since while you were away from your families. 

Since we're working on our Avenue of Flags in the cemetery, I'll probably write more later about veterans.

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