Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Earring 0027 - Black and White

Black and white, I want my baby back. Love that song. Donna and I like black. I'm fortunate enough to have her earrings. Since I got the earrings, I have not looked at them other than opening up packets in their different drawers. So every day I get something new, not only to look at but to wear too! When I pick out the earrings to wear, it is going much faster. Quickly usually two pair pop out at me saying "Wear me, wear me!!!" and I oblige by picking one of them. Sometimes the earrings pick me before I pick out what I am going to wear as was in the case with these earrings.
Earrings can lighten my day in many ways and these were somewhat whimsical. Whimsical is good especially when you work at a cemetery. There are different atmospheres here. Sometimes the family is finally at peace; sometimes they are grateful and happy to share all the good times; sometimes they are sad because they will miss their best friend; sometimes they wish that it was them instead; and sometimes they hope that they will be joining them soon. You never know what the temperature will be until the family comes in unless you know them. Lately, not very many people have come in that I know so that helps me. I still can get emotionally attached rather quickly. My heart breaks with the families and you'd think that it was someone I knew who had passed.
When my parents passed, it was pretty tough. When mom died, I lost my best friend. No matter what I did she was always there for me and supported my decision even when she didn't agree. When my dad passed, it wasn't quite as hard because I knew he was ready to meet God and anxious to be with mom. And that is the good side of death...believing in God and life everlasting. For those who don't have faith, you are missing life's greatest comfort. 

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