Saturday, March 29, 2014

Earring 0034 - More time

These earrings reminded me of time for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that they are spheres and remind me of deep space, which I associate with time. The other reason is that these earrings seem to be very special; just like time. Donna must have liked this kind of earring because they come in a variety of colors. These were the first pair of earrings that I picked out to wear but it wasn't the right time to wear them. Even though I really liked them, they match a necklace my sister has so she now has these earrings in her possession.  Donna, you have great taste!

Lately, I have been reading a lot of time travel stories. Always have like the idea of time travel. Probably have already said this, but when I was young, I had a lot of earaches. Those earaches kept me up at night, which also kept mom up. We would watch science fiction shows because that was the time of the night when most sci-fi shows were shown. My favorite were always ones that involved time travel.

Once in a while, I wish that I could time travel and fix some things that I wish would have been different. Then I think, what if I changed something good that wouldn't happen because of what I had changed. For instance, what would have happened if I stayed in college instead of meeting my first husband. Would I still have my son? There's no way that I would ever change having my son and I want him to be just the person he is. So farewell time travel. However, if I could go back and watch things in time as an observer, that would suit my fancy.

"The Time Keeper" by Mitch Albom ( was one of the books that I finished reading the other day. It sure made me think a lot. It was about the person who learned to count and then went on to discover how to keep track of time. He became Father Time; not a job that I would like. Humans are the only ones to keep track of time. We watch it and sometimes want it to go by fast, other times want it to go slowly. Other times we wish we would just skip part of it and other times we wish we could have a do-over. A couple of quotes I would like to share from the book are the following:

This quote is from a conversation: "There is a reason God limits our days." "Why" "To make each one precious."

I'm ending this post with the second "And it (the world) never had enough time."

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