Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Earring 0026 - Family Time

These earrings are like my family. They are simple to understand yet they make a statement. Even though their somewhat plain they are so intricate and the size of the pearl represents the size of their heart...huge. I'm lucky to have the family I have. We all get along even though we have our differences. We look to see the best in each other and we are also very protective of each other. We don't like it when our family is hurt either emotionally or physically.  At those times we get even more protective and try to shelter one another.

We grew up that it was acceptable for a man to give another man a hug. Family reunions always had more hugs than you can imagine. When I got married to my son's father, no one in that family hugged one another. Then I get stuck in the picture and hug everyone. Think I brought a new tradition into that family. I'm one to express my emotions and each my ex's siblings expressed theirs to me too.

Working at the cemetery, you see all kinds of things but what sticks out the most is the families that are fighting. Some have never talked to their siblings for years. We were taught blood is thicker than water and when the going get tough, family is there. In yesterday's news, there was an article about a minister who wasn't the nicest person to many people through condemnation. His family broke apart. Now that he is dying, some of the family that was isolated from him want to bee with him. Other family members aren't allowing this so the isolated family will never be able to tell their father that they loved him even if they didn't agree with him.

Mom told us that life was too short and you never know when your time is coming. I hope that my family can stick together as we are the rest of our lives. Like Donna's earrings, everything on the earring has a place and fits, yet if you lose one, it's just not the same.

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