Sunday, March 9, 2014

Earring 0018 It's Sunday and a Funday

What a great day to wear some earrings that remind me of Mother Earth and being alive. Had such a great day today. It started out having breakfast with my "baby" brother. Roger is the youngest of the my four brothers (he is still older than me). My sister, who is younger than me, said that Roger was the baby of the family for six years before I came along. I probably spoiled a lot of his fun but that's life. Think I make up for it now when we are together. We eat breakfast at our local Hardee's Restaurant on some Sundays. Wasn't going to let the time change get me so I was there pretty early even though Roger probably got there at his usual time. We had a nice visit and we can sure laugh a lot! It would be really nice if my other brothers, sister-in-laws, sister and her boyfriend could join us. It's a nice tradition even if we don't meet every Sunday. Always good to end the meal with a hug.

It's almost time for school's "Spring Break" and I actually have a break from one of my classes. Don't think the one teacher gets that it's a break; we have a mid-term final to take. It's a three-hour long test but I have to write notes for nine chapters. Breezed through the chapters but didn't take notes. Won't repeat that mistake again.

Will probably be on an eagle kick for a while as the eagles migrate through. The earrings I will be wearing have had the tendency to be Spring-orientated. Sounds good to me especially with all of this snow we have. Friday, I heard that there is 42" of ice on Lake Pepin! We have six feet of frost in the ground at the cemetery. Should be interesting this week when things start to thaw. The roads are already bad and when that frost comes out, we'll have to say our prayers to make it through the pot hole season.

Might be changing to WordPress to do the blog. Want all of my earring pictures to stay posted on the blog and haven't figured out how to delete pictures on my phone and keep them on the blog. Very frustrating. It's great that Google is so interactive but sometimes separation is good.

It will be a busy week this week...

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