Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Earring 0020 - To be by the Sea

Winter has been long enough and I would love to be somewhere by the water listening to the waves hit the shore. Just thinking about it relaxes me. These earrings remind me of the shells that we used to find when we were kids. The clams we used to find weren't anything like this but sometimes you could find one with a nice iridescent color on the inside. Wonder how many of those clam beds are alive now.

There used to be button factories along the Mississippi that used the shells to make buttons. Wonder if any of my old buttons came from here. You never know. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife have a piece on Internet on the shells and buttons. Not much information but it is interesting:

Bet Donna looked really nice wearing these earrings between the color of the earrings and her dark-colored hair.

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