Sunday, March 23, 2014

Earring 0030 - Missing Mom

Mom always wore colorful clothes. She would have liked Donna's earrings like these above. Mom never pierced her ears and I never asked her why. She always wore clip earrings. When ear piercing became popular in the 70s but was really made popular because of the movie "Grease" in 1978. I had my ears pierced by the time I was about 14 and had pierced ears well before the movie. I was probably the first person in our school to have pierced ears (rural area). My family was at a friends' home in Minneapolis. I finally was convinced by two young teenagers that I should let them pierce my ears. But by the time I said yes, my parents said it was time to go. As we were descending the stairs with ice cubes on my ears, one of my girlfriends took a needle and pierced my ears. Since then, I've had three more piercings in my ears. It's amazing that I can wear earrings in two of those places because I only wear additional earrings on a rare occasion. My nephew was going to pay to have my tragus pierced this past Christmas but I think I chickened out. The tragus is the triangle-shape part before your ear canal. The only reason I would consider it being done is that it is not an acupuncture point. The ears have many acupuncture points and I'm a firm believer that piercing damages those points. Why damage something when the ears have so much healing potential with acupuncture/acupressure.

Glad that Donna had the foresight to have her ears pierced. Mom was quite a bit older than Donna so I am sure that's why mom didn't have her ears pierced. It just wasn't in style for an older person at that time. Mom didn't become much older otherwise maybe she would have broken down and had her ears pierced.

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