Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Earring 0015 Eagles in Spring

It is possibly a far stretch but these earrings, even though they are not feathers,  remind of bald eagle feathers. It's either that or I really want Spring to spring into action.

Have a couple of funny stories about bald eagles. One time Donna, Chuck (Donna's wonderful, fantastic, kindest of kind husband), my sister-in-law, and brother traveled along a local highway along the Mississippi River. I can't remember the details if I followed them in my car or met them and they followed me. It was so long ago but we drove while looking for eagles. Donna and Chuck were so excited to tell me that they saw one eagle. I didn't have the heart to tell them that I had counted over 60 eagles during that drive.

Maybe I've mentioned this before but when we were kids, mom would say "Oh, look at the bird in the tree" as she was pointing to a forest. Well, we actually saw the bird she was referring to. My sister-in-law can't believe that I can see birds the way I do but it's because of our well-trained eyes seeking that bird mom was always pointing to.

The other funny story was about eagle feathers. It's illegal to own eagle feathers except for some Native Americans who can possess them. I do not know the legal description for this so it's just a fact my sister and I cannot have an eagle feather in our possession. Well, between January and April, the eagles migrate through the Mississippi River valley and we've seen as many as 500+ sitting on the ice at Lake Pepin. This one time, there were so many eagles flying and at one little town, there were about 30 of them overhead. Something caught both my sister's and my attention. It was a large feather alongside the road. We pulled over and nonchalantly walked to where the feather laid. Discretely, we picked up the feather and took it to the car making sure that no one saw what we did. We wrapped the feather up in a towel and were so nervous and excited about our treasure.. We swore not to tell a soul because we could be facing jail time if caught with the feather. Smiling ear-to-ear, we got back into the car and continued our eagle watching journey.

We didn't go very far and saw another eagle feather. We looked at each other and decided not to pull over because one feather was already taking a chance. Went a little farther and there were more feathers. By this time we were almost in shock. I was thinking that I had to call someone because something was going on. There were so many feathers. We went a little further. You won't believe what we saw...

Yep, a truck full of turkeys. Probably going to be people's Easter dinner! Then thinking about our special hidden feather, a very yucky feeling came over both my sister and I. We looked at our hands and thought, we touched that dirty bird's feather!!! Gross. Needless to say, the feather did not stay in the vehicle very long. As soon as we got to a gas station, I threw out the towel and both my sister and I washed our hands thoroughly. I even cleaned my steering wheel along with everything else we had touched. Can you tell I don't like the though of touching turkey feathers?

Hope you enjoyed the eagle feather earrings.

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