Monday, March 3, 2014

Earring 0013 - Heaven's Night

These are not the earrings I wore but the flowers that I received from my son and his family for my birthday. It's so comforting to know that even though there are miles between us and even if we don't talk too frequently, that we are always there for each other. Working at a cemetery, so often I see split families and I feel so bad for them because they are missing out on so much joy and love. Life's too short to carry a grudge or hurt feelings. My mom always said be the first to say you're sorry and never go to bed mad. Well, when I quit saying I was sorry (even if it wasn't my fault), it was the beginning of the ending.

The flowers were supposed to be  surprise but the florist called and wanted to make sure they had the correct location because the bouquet was "birthday" flowers not a "sympathy" basket. We get flowers all of the time for different occasions...especially birthdays and anniversaries. It's the first time that a live person has received flowers at the cemetery in quite a while. Nice change and very appreciated. Rather have them now then when I'm not around.

Aren't these pretty earrings. They reminded me of the sky at night, maybe looking through a telescope. It just seemed like a good day to wear a piece of heaven. Thought of you today Donna!

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