Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Earring 0014 Pearls of Wisdom

Working at a cemetery, you try to find humor in everything you do. Tonight I played with my photos of my earrings and came up with something...

My caption for the above photo would be it's either Julia at night or someone else is out in the cemetery. I know, sick...

Here's the earrings as they really are (even though I did not doctor the above photo - my camera just wasn't cooperating):

Couldn't focus correctly no matter what I tried. I know that the camera has autofocus but it should work even if my eyes are tired. Well, it didn't. These are not in focus. Yes, it is another pearl earring.

Donna had a variety of pearl earrings or should I say pearlized earrings? I can still see my mom wearing her pearl earrings (and necklaces). Don't think that those images of her that I have will fade. You know, they say the older you get, your memories of when you were younger are more vivid than recent memories. I realize how nice it will be to see my mom and dad someday as those memories become more vivid to me. When you can't call home anymore to ask a simple question because those people aren't around anymore, it really hits home. Even though it's been almost 30 years since my mom died, every once in  a while I forget that I can't call her.

Mom and Donna were alike in some ways. They both gave you their opinion (whether you asked for it or not). In retrospect, I should have listened to their opinions. Back then, when you're young, you know what you are doing and it really doesn't matter what mom says, you just have to listen to what she says and do whatever you want. It would have made my life easier if I would have listened to one or the other (Mom or Donna) because they had pearls of wisdom. Please tell me Mom or Donna, what should I do because now I would listen.

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