Monday, March 24, 2014

Earring 0031 - Parts Connected Together

Donna, I love these earrings but I did give them to my sister. She will enjoy them for years to come.

These earrings reminded me a lot about life. The circular area at the top represents childhood. We work so hard to become adults to break out of that circle. The next is the big loop. This represents our young adulthood where we sometimes make many mistakes. It's a learning time for us to test the waters and prove our parents wrong (yeah right - that didn't happen!). Then something happens and about 60 when all of your childhood memories start to become vivid again, you make the curve and head right back to your childhood. You're wiser but now you know how to play and hopefully take the time to play.

That's something that I haven't done and I realized this past weekend that I'm probably in the third tri-semester of my life. Not being afraid of death comes in handy. What I'm afraid of is that I will run out of time before I can have fun again. Those two fears are different but still go hand-in-hand. Don't want to live with what ifs and what could have been. One of the things that I would like to have before I die is true love like my two brothers have with their wives. Growing up in my first marriage took a lot out of both my husband and I. We were kids and had a baby and never really got to explore life together. My second husband showed me the world that I would have never explored. I don't regret my time with him because of the wonders that he helped me discover. I also learned from him to pick and chose my battles - that is something that would have been helpful in my first marriage to have applied that to life; we may have still been married. Now I just want time with someone who can respect me for who I am and treat me nice...just like I would do for him. Maybe this just isn't a part of the earrings that I have in my life. You just never know what you will find around the time with my first mother-in-law, the wizard of all sayings, she said to me those same words and when we turned the corner, there was a horse of another color - it was a pink horse. Don't get me wrong though because I do not want a pink horse!

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