Monday, January 19, 2015

Jan 19 Tony Little Gazelle Glider - arrrgh

Tonight was pretty much spent on maintenance on my Tony Little Gazelle glider. It started squeaking a few days ago and then the right foot pedal fell off (part of it). After putting Vaseline on places the instructions told me to place it and spraying WD40 on the other joints, it sounded pretty good. Now that I've exercised for over 30 minutes, the left side is squeaking now. So out comes the WD40 again. Thank goodness I like the smell of WD40. However, my sister tried the glider and it still makes noise. Back to the drawing board. Think I'm going to pick up some silicone spray. After reading stuff about WD40, it sounds like it's not the best lubricant for moving parts. Pretty frustrating for me. Being the most mechanically inclined person in my family (my dad and older brother are both dead) isn't enough when it comes to stuff like this. It sure sounds sexist but wish I had someone to fix this for me so I didn't have to. I'd rather make a nice dinner than to tear into this again. My daughter-in-law would be able to fix it in a flash. After all, she can tear apart a tank and put it back together. That has come into good use for her on several occasions by using what she knows just a little different.

Work flew by today. Because of extra time on my hands, I was given more work to do helping out our Foundation. I enjoy the work and like the sense of accomplishment that I'm helping someone else too. It's nice that besides liking my job and my coworkers, my job is fun.

Today's earrings

You can see my glider behind my hand. Anytime someone wants to lend me a hand in getting this fixed, I would gladly accept the help.

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