Friday, January 23, 2015

Jan 23 - Beautiful Morning

My hometown this morning

The clouds above were pink also but this photo doesn't show that too much. What a glorious morning! Today we even went out at noon without our coats on. Spring is coming? Well, maybe not quite  yet. If you can't tell, I like sunrises and sunsets. But then I like sun dogs, moon dogs, cats and dogs too. We were taught that sun dogs and moon dogs were the circles around the sun/moon. However, from Wikipedia a sun dog has the ring but with two bright spots on the sides of the ring. I'll go with what my mom taught me. It's the circles (called halos) around the sun and the moon. Typically, a sun dog occurs when it's pretty cold out. Today it was 30 so that wasn't too cold. So after reading about moon dogs, it's pretty much the same thing as a sun dog. Both do need the circle around the sun/moon and it is based on ice crystals and refraction and clouds. You can check both out on Wikipedia. Just found out that my sister snapped a photo of the sky this morning too. We went to work at about the same time so we were both lucky to see this.

Today's earrings
Compared to the sunrise photo these earrings are pretty plain.

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