Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Jan 13 - Girls Night Out

Today's earrings

Today, my sister attended an informational weight-loss seminar with me. There are a lot of options for me to continue my weight loss. It's exciting and my weight loss will be based on multiple aspects of losing weight...not just counting calories and weighing myself. First off, I started exercising almost two weeks ago. Please keep in mind that I haven't exercised since I was in high school. Was up to 30 minutes a day and now have increased it to 40 minutes a day. Because we didn't get back early enough, I might skip part of my 40 minutes. I know, bad start but it's pretty late and I'm tired.

Another aspect of my weight loss is the sleep apnea test. I quit breathing a lot while I'm sleeping. I've scared myself and others during the recent nights. Hope I can stay alive long enough for the doctor to get the sleep test back and order the cpap for me. You'd think if it was so bad that they would rush something like this but maybe they're (the insurance company) hoping that the cpap machine isn't needed. Well, waking up choking is better than not waking up. Here we thought when I wasn't snoring that it was a good thing. Tonight we found out that the times that I quit snoring are probably the times that I am not breathing. Isn't that a scary though. Now my sister will probably be paying even closer attention.

Someday I will post a before and after photo. Even though I try to keep my life somewhat private by not saying where I live and not posting photos of people, there might be a day that I would consider posting my own photo....time will tell. I'm down almost 50 pounds since January 2014. I guess I better quit writing and spend some time exercising before I go to bed.

I wish I could link my arms with the French people. The more we band together, the stronger we can fight terrorism. France, keep your freedom!!! Fighting terrorism begins with reporting things that don't look right and standing up for someone when they need help. I hope and pray that I can do that when and if the time happens. Terrorism takes away our religious beliefs and our ability to express ourselves. Today's terrorists are no different than the Nazis only on a broader spectrum.

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