Friday, April 4, 2014

Earring 0039 - Ain't It the Truth

The delicate strands of loveliness that fall wherever a beloved pet pussycat decides to sleep. Catfetti can be identified for its uncanny ability to spread to places where a cat couldn't possibly have been: the dry cleaners', the gym or the office. Catfetti has a unique quality, in that it appears white when stuck to a dark surface, yet dark when it's stuck to your best white shirt.
Argh! My tuxedo's covered in catfetti! I don't even own a cat!
All dressed up and somewhere to go and yes, there's cat hair. Some good ideas on how to take care of the fur can be found at
Personally, I have come to the conclusion that like everything else in my home, I should be grateful for the reminders that my cat gives me. No matter what, I can't ignore my cat even if I wanted to. My cat probably thinks I should be happy that she allows me think of her throughout the day as I am picking off pieces of fur.
I started to think about how people believe that my cat rules the home and how crazy that is. Then I realized that it's just a way to add humor to life. But then it sunk in and I realized "Who am I kidding?" because the cat is a cat and does run the house; she lets me think that I'm in charge every once in a while.
Bobbi and I had fun picking out these earrings this morning. I think purple might be her favorite color even if it kind of clashes with her coloring. However, Donna must have liked purple because it was the 4th largest color collection (silver, black, blue, and then purple).

These are a beautiful purple but no matter how many pictures I took, they turned out blue. Found a solution to make them look purple: put them on purple plastic. The color of the purple popped out. The good thing is that I didn't have to dye my hair purple to make the purple "pop" next to my hair!

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