Friday, April 11, 2014

Earring 0045 - Happiness

Have a great camera but focusing is not its strength. You can still clearly see these simple earrings. My sister commented on them all day; I think she said they made her happy. Think she commented on them at least five or six times, maybe even more.
Tonight I had a little more happiness added to my life. Haven't seen my friend Jessica for about four or five years. Hopefully now we will keep in touch so they next five years are filled with hugs. She's been through a lot the last five but I couldn't find her. Looked around the corner when I was downtown and there she was. Glad that I took the time to see and not just look.
Jessica has hair like Donna's, dark and beautiful. They may even have some similarities but mostly because you know where you stand when you are with them. So full of love, just waiting to give some of it away.

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