Saturday, April 26, 2014

Earring 0058 - Schools Almost Out for Summer

Only have a little over two weeks of school left. Think I'm done for a while. It's been a wonderful learning experience. Formal education was right for me when I got out of high school. It didn't fit with my energy and schedule. Online classes changed that whole perspective. What I realize now is that when I'm done with my classes, there's and there's so much you can learn on that. My teachers frequently refer to YouTube with links. It's not something I've used for citations yet but maybe in the next couple of weeks, I will have to try that. It won't affect my grade anymore so it will be nothing but a learning experience for me and maybe others.

Tomorrow is one of my brother's birthdays. So today, we went for a four-hour ride out in the country. Usually he drives and I get to do all of the sight seeking. Today, I drove and didn't get quite as much sight seeing in but got some places I can go back to see. We were in my dad's home area and there are many Amish living in the area now. I knew they were buying up properties but didn't realize they had expanded so far. We didn't go there to "look" at the Amish like those tour buses. But if you have ever seen Amish men in the field, I would encourage you to stop and watch. Their work ethic is super. One time, from a distance, I watched four Amish men cut down and tree and saw it. Other times that are interesting is at harvest times or when they are plowing. They know what hard work is. Brings back memories of when I worked cutting and baling grass. Yes, I did say and mean grass; it was experimental grasses and at harvest time, it was only my boss and I to do the work. Glad I did it when I was younger and not now. Used bag and to lift 50 pound bags of grass seed several days at a time. Don't know if I could throw one of those bags as far as I used to be able to.

My brother and I had a good time. We never run out of conversation. This time he told me about when they were kids and went to our dad's family farm. I remember playing in the fields and sledding down the hill. My brothers got to do so much more because they were older. They used to follow the hills down to a river. Pretty sure they played all the way too. Do kids still play like that? We all grew up with vivid imaginations. I know that's were I get my creativity from.

We went out to visit our dads mother's grave. Didn't know my grandfather because he died when my dad was young. My dad would be 100+ if he were alive today so that should give you a clue how long ago my grandfather died. Beside my grandmother and grandfather, there were a couple of aunts and uncles, a first cousin and then several  older cousins that I can barely remember. There is a woman's grave there with our same last name but I can't remember who she was and I forgot to look to see when she passed. Will have to look that up later.

Still trying to bring in spring by wearing earrings...maybe spring will come or maybe summer will beat it...

Wish I could ask Donna where she got some of the earrings like the earrings above. They're so unique.

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