Sunday, April 13, 2014

Earring 0047 -Forgiveness

Someone said my earrings look big. Most of them really aren't big, it's the photo that makes them look that way. These earrings are what I would call "big" and are about two inches from the top and curve around to the back. So they really aren't too big. Aren't they pretty? They have a nice luster to them and I wore them most of the day. Often on weekends, I only wear earrings for part of the day. My earlobes kind of need a break like the rest of my body.

Today I learned so much about forgiveness and anger. If you know me, you know that I'm not an angry person. It's such a waste of time. Lately, I have been angry about something that I have some control over the situation but not a lot. Now I know that I just have to keep praying that God will help me through this and that I forgive the person. I was told that I should keep forgiving the person even if it's on a daily basis. Then all of a sudden, I will have forgiven the person. Why didn't I think of that? Sometimes you have to realize that you don't have all of the answers and you need to ask help. Help is always a prayer away. The funny thing about this is after this revelation, the theme song from "The Sound of Music" played. If you read my blog a few days ago, that is one of the songs that I had displayed the lyrics for. And at the final crescendo "My heart will be blessed with the sound of music. And I'll sing once more.", I realized that everything is in the timing.

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