Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Earring 0044 - Precious Things

Besides family, I have some precious things in my life. I have a family bible that was given to my parents when they were married. There's a huge encyclopedia-type book that has stories in it besides interesting facts. There's a lot more books because I like to collect old books. I have my grandmother's book that she used to teach her classes (very old). I have a piece of jewelry that went from my great grandmother to my grandmother to my mom and then to me. It's suppose to go to my daughter but I don't think that my son will have a sex change for that or any other reason. Someday maybe it will go to a great granddaughter - time will tell. There's odd jewelry and glassware that has stories to go with it, which are nice but not necessarily precious. Because there's so much on books, I thought of something else precious to books....

It appears that Bobbi likes books too.

This pair of earrings aren't going to become precious to me because they fell apart while I was wearing them. Must have caught on my coat or something. Oh well - I know I have more pairs to choose from!

Something else that is precious to me is to see where my blog is being read. So far people from the following countries have read my blog: United States, Canada, Germany (quite a few from Germany), Poland, United Arab Emirates, Belgium, Brazil, Ecuador, Malaysia, and today, Netherlands. I'm just a nobody from the United States but I am filled with joy that others read this. Thank you and I hope that I touched your heart in some way.

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