Monday, April 14, 2014

Earring 0048 - Moons, Milky Way, and More

What an appropriate earring for today!!! This morning when I put these earrings on, I saw geometric shapes and thought it would be fun to wear with the shirt you see in the background. Susie told me about everything that was on the earrings so I had to take them off right away. These earrings are so appropriate because tonight Mars is the closest it will be to earth this year, there's going to be a blood moon, and a total eclipse of the moon. They are televising Mars coming into view - watch the Eastern sky and it sounds like it will be extremely bright and colorful. Then later tonight is the eclipse. Have to set my alarm clock for about 12:30 a.m. so I can check the skies. Haven't had too much luck when it comes to watching meteors that last two years because of cloud cover. Skies are suppose to be somewhat clear tonight so I have my fingers crossed.

Tonight I learned something about crossing fingers. I thought it was a superstition that we learned when we were kids. Now I know different. Fingers crossed is symbolic the Christian cross and used when the person needed protection when faced with evil. It was also used during Roman times of Christian persecution to help Christians identify one another. A later use  was for a child to cross their fingers when they told a little white lie (one that I did use as a child) thinking that it would protect us from saving us from hell for telling the lie. Basically, it is no longer a symbol for Christians but I think it might be good to use it again and tell people its story.

Susie saw the Milky Way in the earring on the right, close to the bottom. With this picture it is too difficult to see but she was right, it did look like the Milky Way. You can sure tell we have the same mother - well-trained eyes to see things that other people would never see.

I wonder what Donna saw in these earrings that made her buy them other than they are black and there are geometric shapes in them. Might not have told you but maybe you can tell by the earrings that have been shown, there are a lot of earrings with geometrics involved!

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