Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Earring 0043 - Black Hole

This isn't really about a black hole but more about time. There's so much to learn about black holes and time. Loving science fiction the way I do, it's easy for me to associate the two. For more than over a year, I have been watching foreign movies (with subtitles). Got a jump start on it when I took a Chinese culture class. Awesome class by a fantastic teacher (she lives in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area) and how I relate to others have changed because of that class. The foreign movie I'm watching tonight had a fortune teller in it. She told this young lady to let bygones be bygones and quit wasting time on what had happened in the past.

It's so easy to have someone tell you to do that. It's even easy for you to tell yourself to do the same. When you feel wronged or that you wronged someone, it would be wonderful if you were able to put that time in a black hole and have it disappear like it never happened.

This kind of reminds me of a sad memory that I have that I wish that I could undue. Every year May 1st I relive something I cannot undue. It was a difficult time of my life because my husband and I were separated. Periods like this are tough but with God you can get through them. My son tried his best to help me through this time. One night he made me a sit-down candle-light dinner. He gave me a card that I still have and it looks just like when we made it. Even in sad times, there can be much happiness.

On May 1, the doorbell rang. I answered it but there was no one there. The doorbell rang again. Again, I answered it. After the third or fourth time, I was getting pretty upset. I know that I yelled at my son when I caught him doing it. Then my heart son was placing a May Day basket on the door handle but I hadn't opened the door enough so that I could see it. Ironically, as bad as I felt for yelling at him, my heart was so filled with love and joy that no one could ever take that away from me. What an act of kindness and pure love. Even though I always get teary eyed on May 1, I know how much I'm loved. Oh yeah, I still have that paper May Day basket and in just a few weeks, that basket will be 30 years old.

These black earrings reminded me of a black hole. You can almost see something more in them if you look deep into them. Instead of doing that, just let God swallow up the bygone and you'll be much happier.

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