Friday, April 25, 2014

Earring 0057 - It's Friday

This was a fun pair of earrings to go with my "cruise" blouse that I never wore on a ship. Maybe someday but maybe not. It took me a half hour to find the right pair of earrings this morning. My blouse had oranges and blues in it and none of the earrings were right except for this pair. The centers of the earrings reflected colors from my blouse. It was pretty cool.

It's Friday. It's been one of those weeks that seem long but all of a sudden the week is over. So much was accomplished today that I had a sigh of relief when I walked out of the office. Like it when there's headway and you know you can start another project. Should be a fun week next week. Memorial Day is just a little bit over 4 weeks away. Then there's summer!

You'd think that I had all of these plans for a summer vacation but I don't. This was just a long winter this year. I'm ready for the warm breezes to blow through my windows during the night. This morning when I looked out the windows, I could have sworn there was snow on the hills. It may have only been fog or frost. It was gone by the time I looked again about an hour later.

Today, I was asked about multi-tasking. I think some people are really good at multi-tasking because of their organizational skills. That's me...remember, I alphabetize my spices. You should see my quilt material - it's all color coordinated and organized even further.

Have an enjoyable weekend!

PS Donna loved weekends.

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