Monday, April 21, 2014

Earring 0053 - Thankful

I'm thankful for Donna that she loved to shop and buy earrings. I'm thankful that my sister-in-law thought of me and I became the owner of all these earrings. Everyone of them probably has a story that Donna could have told. Knowing Donna, she probably even knew where she bought each pair. These earrings are so unique. They don't look like they were mass produced. Thanks Donna. Thanks Sandy.
The greatest gift you can give someone is giving up their life for them. I often think about that and think who would I give up my life for. My son and his wife were willing to give up their lives when they chose to serve in the military. My nephew did the same. I'm thankful that all three are still alive.
I know I would give up my life for my son and wouldn't hesitate to do so. Same with my grandsons and my daughter-in-law. I think I would go as far as giving up my life for my nephews too. Then it starts to get sticky. Would I give up my life for my siblings or their spouses? We're so close in age, that at this point in our lives, I'm not sure. I love them so much but I wonder. Sometimes I think because I am alone and they have spouses, it would be better if I did. Would I give up my life for a relative (other than the ones mentioned) or my friends? Would I give up my life for a complete stranger? If God asked me to give up my life, would I? I'm hoping that I would be strong enough that I could give up my life if God asked me to. I'm also hoping that I would give up my life for my religious beliefs.
Have you ever wondered who you would give up your life for?

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