Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earring 0054 - Photos

My phone is supposed to take really good pictures. Well, it does but then just before it takes the final adjustment, it goes fuzzy. Can't figure that out. Plus these are purple earrings but the photo had to be adjusted otherwise it they would have looked blue. Hoping my MotoX does some kind of upgrade to enhance the camera. Great phone but lousy at taking close-ups like my earring photos.

Photos, I have a ton of them. I inherited two suitcases of photos. One day this past winter, my brother and I went through a lot of them trying to identify who the people were. Someday, no one will know who the people in the photos are. I couldn't tell you now whose who in old photos of my grandparents and their families. Considering so many baby boomers are working on genealogy, you would think I would have a little interest in it. Don't think anyone in my family is very interested in it. There's not a lot of photos left because of a water problem.

In my living room, I have a sofa table that my son made. It has lots of storage in it and is filled with photos. These photos are from my childhood through my son's childhood, marriage, and grandsons. Not sure but there might be some photos of the trips I've taken around the U.S. It seems like you take photos and then don't look at them so I haven't kept up on them.  Nowadays, most of my photos are used for my quilted wall hangings for ideas.

I would consider my oldest brother a professional photographer. He was into photography for years. Got my first camera from him when I was in grade school  maybe when I was in 4th or 5th grade. About the time was 15 or 16, I joined our school's short-lived photography club. He kept giving me cameras and I kept taking pictures. Pretty sure my sister got her start the same way. She still takes a lot of photos. Now, my photos are all of memorials in the cemetery where I work.

My son and his family may have fun going through my photos some day. Just like my brother and I had fun going through photos. It brought back a lot of memories even though we have a gap between our ages. The activities that we did as kids didn't change, the kids just got older.

My sister-in-law Sandy does a lot of photography. She has used her photos in cards, etc. Beautiful photos of flowers and scenery.

They say a pictures is worth a thousand years. I wonder how many words my pictures are worth...

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