Monday, September 1, 2014

Earring 0183 Hope Star

Most of my family is at retirement age (or close to it). They are able to go do enjoyable things at their leisure. They also deserve it because of the number of years they have worked. My problem is that I want to spend time with them while we all can. There will come a day when someone is no longer here or we're no longer able to get around like we can.

I see mistakes that I have made in my life and maybe if things were different, I could be spending time with them now. That's the old should of, would of, could of and nothing will change when you get that attitude.

What I will do is enjoy the times we do have together whether it be a short time or many years. Not going to wish away my time either. Being happy with what I have.

Today's earrings, stars of hope.