Sunday, September 7, 2014

Earring 0189 - Train Ride

Got home pretty early compared to the last couple of train rides. I ride Amtrak and love it but I can see changes they've made which aren't necessarily good for the passengers. One of the things is it is becoming more difficult to ride the Amtrak if you have disabilities. Today, I walked four blocks from the entrance/exit of two Amtrak stations. That's great if you don't have problems walking. Two of those blocks were outside and I wouldn't want to do it during a thunderstorm, a winter storm, or if it's icy out. This problem exists only for some Amtrak stations in the Midwest. Most other stations are sheltered or there isn't a long walk.

Today, the car I was in didn't have a working air conditioner. Usually it's advisable to wear layers when traveling by train. In my case, I couldn't take anything more off. The other thing that Amtrak is doing to save money is not rearranging the seats so you are facing the way you are traveling. That doesn't usually bother me but today with no air movement, motion sickness was close at hand.

However, I still love to ride the train!

My time with my family was wonderful. You can't beat those kinds of times because it's all joy. There is so much love and laughter. Great combination those two are. Very blessed to have the family I have.

Last night, Nixie, my brother and his wife's cat made me feel welcomed, loved, and at home.

Trust me, Bobbi could smell another cat's scent but was so happy to see me that it didn't matter.

Today's earrings