Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Earring 0198 - Learning to say "no"

Learning to say "no" to others when they wanted something was really hard for me to learn how to do. Had to practice at it with role playing. It's so easy to say "yes" even if you really mean no. For years, I was a "yes" person and eventually volunteered for too many things. That was then and this is now. Now I choose where I want to volunteer and my capacity. Today, I received an email that suggested that I become the lead person for the finances of a volunteer committee for a big fund raiser. Considering that I have never served on a committee before for this organization and new very little people, having never attended any of their fund raisers, and getting a new job this year, I decided to decline the chair but am willing to co-chair with an experienced person. Next year, I would be willing to chair it.

What I learned before is when you spread yourself so thin, you don't do anyone or any organization justice. Plus, you do yourself a great injustice. It's hard to say no but it's so much easier when you practice it. Of course the person you are saying no to really wants you to say yes but it's more important to have a win-win situation than a win-lose situation. Life is too short to become overcommitted and not enjoying the rewards volunteering brings.

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