Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Earrings 0191 - Oui Oui

The day could not get any first reader from France! Am I happy? You betcha I am (in my best Norwegian brogue). So I looked up French eggs. Going to try baked eggs with cream and butter sometime. Have to buy the cream because it is not something that I have. I can guarantee that if you like eggs, you will probably drool over my photos after I post them (this is specifically for my sister who cannot eat eggs; she can only drool over them - lol).

Looking a little more on French eggs, I found the following site Looks like this is one of the best places in Paris, France to eat eggs. From the reviews, it appears the majority of people liked the Norwegian eggs the best - go figure that one! The restaurant is called Eggs & Co. and the Norwegian eggs are called Le
Norégian. The eggs are one of my favorites but with a twist. I love Eggs Benedict any time of the day any day of the year and probably in any country. The twist is they are served with smoked salmon. The only reason I would try it is because I'm Norwegian. Heck, I still have to try lutefisk and a couple other Norwegian foods.
One of the reviewers is from the Midwest and didn't like the price of 25 euros, which is equivalent to $32.38 (, which also seems quite high to me. I would think that a price about $20 would be high enough for a dish like that. However, I do not know other restaurant prices in Paris.
When my sister and I were younger, we knew a few French words. My sister loved to go places where people didn't know us and she would speak in French pretending to be from France. I can still see and hear her doing this. Did you do this when we were in P-town too? I can't remember if she did, but knowing my sister, I bet you she did even though we were "much" older. Such a good laugh!
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