Friday, September 26, 2014

Earring 0207 -It's either black or white, not gray

My dad would say either it's right or it's wrong; there's no in between. Just finished erasing the paragraphs that I wrote. Guess it's up to me to be an example and through my actions, maybe gray areas for others can change. Short and simple.

Had my first day off (not including holidays and weekends) for the last six months. My plan was to relax but that didn't happen. Got my living room rearranged multiple times and finally the furniture stopped moving. The biggest problem I had was my cat tree. I wanted it in a different location. So I moved it. Bobbi didn't like it. She would sit on the floor and look up at it, look at me, and then meow. Finally, I had to put it back in the old location. Still like how my living room looks so I could appease her a little. Well, I had it backwards from how it was before I started moving furniture. She tried to jump up to the top but couldn't do it. Remember, she does not have claws. Now the cat tree is back the was and now Bobbi is not coming out to even investigate. She's kind of like a horse. You can lead a horse to water but can't make it drink. I put her on the cat tree and she jumps off. The things we do for our animals!

Today's earrings

Are you asking yourself "Did she wear them out? and I can answer that quickly. I did not leave the house today. Even with that being said, I do like these earrings. If I had black and white polka dot clothes, I would wear them out. Know someone who looks great in black and white polka dots and think these earrings would look super on her.