Thursday, September 25, 2014

Earring 0206 - For Pete's Sake

Wouldn't you have thought "for Pete's sake" would be in this huge book of idioms but it's not. Looking for it on Internet brought me to a cool website, which explained that when frustrated, both Pete and Mike were "stand-ins for God."

The writing at this site is beautiful and almost like poetry to me. It may not be poetry to you but there's a sense about the writing that you can tell about the writer. I could tell almost instantly that he was British and about my age or a little older. The formality of the language is very attractive to me. Used to date a Brit and he could have talked and talked and talked. It didn't make a difference what he talked about and it wasn't even the accent. It was "true English" and not the mish mash that we use in the United States. The website is on idioms. There went my heart...and yes, the writer is from Britain. His name is Michal Quinion and the latest book he has written is entitled "Why is Q Always Followed by U." Ironically, he also has written a book on cidermaking, which to me is pretty close to my vinegar making with kombucha (that's probably stretching it a little or maybe even a lot). Here's info on Mr. Quinion

Michael Quinion is probably someone that I could listen to for hours, if his voice is pleasant. I know that the way he writes, I could read his works for hours. Now you ask, did I get star struck. Maybe.

Today's earrings

By the way, today there were ten readers from France. Wonder if they were upset that I attributed Hollandaise sauce to the Netherlands. With some of my roots coming from France, I don't want to upset the applecart by offending anyone, especially if they are French. I can hear my sister now jabbering away in the few French words she knows. Maybe the next time we go out for coffee she can pretend that she's more French than she is and while she's doing that, I'll eat my Eggs Benedict.