Sunday, September 28, 2014

Earring 0209 - Indian Summer, Nazomer, babyne lito, pastırma yazı, qiū lǎohǔ and more

Think this weekend is our Indian Summer. Indian Summer comes after a killing frost and consists of hot weather during the fall. Well, even though many people around here didn't have a killing frost, some areas did. The tress are telling fall signs too with their colors. Our trees are starting to change colors but we're supposed to have a couple of days with hard rain. That happened last year when we thought we were going to have beautiful fall tress. If the rain and wind would hold off for one week, the trees would be in full color. However, the lack of control over that is out of my hands.

Indian Summer is in the Northern Hemisphere. According to Wikipedia, here are some names for Indian Summer in other countries (

Britain - Indian summer
France - l'été indien or  l'été de la Saint-Martin ("Saint Martin's summer")  Note: this should increase my sister's French vocabulary!
Germany/Austria - Altweibersommer ("old wives' summer") or Goldener Oktober
Sweden - brittsomma
Netherlands/Flanders, Belgium - Nazomer ("late summer"), Nazomer ("late summer"), sint-michielszomer ("St. Michael's summer"),  Trezekeszomer ("St. Theresa's summer
Slavic  - "ladies' / women's summer":
   Russian - babye leto (Бабье лето)
   Poland - babie lato
   Czech Republic - babie lato
   Ukraine - babyne lito (Бабине літо)
   Slovakia - babie leto 
   Croatia - bablje ljeto
   Solvenia - babje leto
   Bulgaria - Gypsy summer or Gypsy Christmas -  циганско лято, tsigansko lyato
   Servia - Miholjsko leto
Hungary - vénasszonyok nyara ("old ladies' summer" or "crone's summer")
Lithunia - bobų vasara, "summer of old ladies".
Latvia - atvasara, meaning "re-summer" or "return / repeat / flashback of summer".
Finland - intiaanikesä ("Indian summer") or akkainkesä ("old ladies' summer").
Turkey - pastırma yazı
China - qiū lǎohǔ (秋老虎), which literally means "autumn tiger".
Brazilian Portuguese - veranico (literally, "little summer").
Southern Brazil - veranico de maio

I was surprised that so many countries referred to it with women (old wives', women's summer, old ladies' summer, crone's summer) and that United States, France, and Finland referred to it as Indian summer. I would have thought Indian summer had something to do with our Native Americans, but apparently not. According to Wikepedia the following makes the most sense because it would be world-wide based on shipping, "The term may also refer to the weather patterns in the Indian Ocean, where ships' hulls were marked "I.S." to indicate the level at which they should be loaded during that season.[1] b Deedler, William (Fall 1996). "Just What Is Indian Summer And Did Indians Really Have Anything To Do With It?". National Weather Service Detroit office. (Very interesting article!!!)

Oops, I was so wrapped up in Indian Summer, I almost forgot my earrings (plus I'm smoking chicken while writing this blog - took me as long to write the blog as it did to smoke the chicken).