Friday, September 5, 2014

Earring 0187

Going to be a short post tonight. Last night my sister-in-law called with a surprise. My brother and his wife picked me up and we traveled to their home. My sister is going to feed my cat, which will give her the cat-binding time. I really appreciate it because my cat is very needy but in her time only.

The day was fantastic because of the weather, the scenery was great and the company even better.  All which made the ride phenomenal but it seemed like it only took a little time and we were there even though it took a couple of hours.

We went to one of my favorite restaurants for supper. Went to Chick Filet where there's excellent food and superior customer service. They employ some of the nicest people who you feel really care for you as a person even though you are a stranger.

Here's today's earrings. Guess the earrings are at the top of the blog. Writing this on my phone and it's working out pretty good.