Sunday, September 14, 2014

Earring 0196 - Five-hour energy car ride

My brother and his wife visited today. We drove out of town for a delicious Italian meal. From there we went to an apple stand but they aren't going to have my favorite variety out until tomorrow or so. Looks like we'll be stopping there next week.

Then we went on a road trip to see our grandparents' home (our dad's parents). We also went to the cemetery which was a short distance away. Even though there is a bit of age difference between my brother and I, we shared many of the same memories.

It took forever to drive the one-hour trip. I wanted my sister-in-law to see how beautiful our countryside is with the hills, valleys, creeks, and the fields, which will be harvested in the not-so-distant future. So many of the roads are under construction. There were quite a few new bridges. Because of the construction, many of the roads were gravel. It looked like the pavement was remove recently from these roads. The signs weren't too clear either and I think maybe when they were working on the roads, they removed some of the signs. Either that or everything has changed so much in the last five years. But then again, maybe it's my memory!

We have a fantastic weekend planned with a road trip. Will have to ask my sister to feed my cat for me; otherwise, Bobbi will be eating dry food only. She won't be a happy cat. And when the cat isn't happy, no one is happy. Doesn't the saying sound familiar, especially if you're a cat owner.

Last night was pretty tough for sleep with only three hours. Already, I've been up for over 15 hours. Hopefully I won't be taking a nap. Oops, I realized that I closed my eyes to think and fell asleep.

Here's today's earrings
I'm beat. Was waiting for the photo to post and fell asleep again. Guess that's my signal to take a cat nap.