Saturday, September 13, 2014

Earring 0195 - Early Morning Late Night - Anyone notice my earrings don't match?

At 5:45 a.m., I picked out my earrings. It took me about ten minutes to figure out which ones I wanted to wear. I was wearing my basic black and wanted to wear pearls. The problem was, which set do I wear? This shouldn't be that difficult but I did wake up about 1 1/2 hours before my typically work day.

Now that I finally made it home, I looked at my earrings closely. Even though my eyes are drooping, I am pretty sure that I have anywhere from two to four different earrings that I was wearing. The hanging ones are pretty close to being a match as are the posts. However, when you look closely at them, there are some differences.

Well, when I get my ear pierced again, then I'll be able to wear up to six different earrings. This morning I forgot I had one more place I could have put an earring in my ear. Funny thing about ear piercings is that you don't have to wear earrings often in them and you can still use the holes. Don't think I've had more than a pair of earrings on at one time in at least the last four or five years. Wanted to show off my pearls since they are so pretty. When I do my next piercing, it will be with a pearl stud that I won't be taking out. I've been contemplating this for over a year now and I'm one day closer to doing it.

Here's today's earrings

Sorry if this seems kind of disjointed tonight. We had a 125th celebration for our churches and the event lasted all day. Very nice gathering and a whole lot of love.