Friday, September 12, 2014

Earring 0194 - Rattlesnake Memories

Just found a photo of our dog Mindy. When Mindy was about four or five years old, she got bit by a rattlesnake. We lived out in the country and it was common for snakes to bask in the sun on warm days. Even though Mindy wasn't a good hunting dog because she didn't like loud noises, she liked to stir up other animals. One day, she got too close to a rattlesnake. Got her to the vet right away. She wouldn't have made it had my son not nursed her back to health. The poor dog vomited for what seemed like days. The poison darkened areas on her inner thigh. She was in terrible shape. But my son wouldn't give up on her and she recovered a 100%.

A few weeks after this happened, another rattlesnake appeared on our sidewalk between our entrance and my car. I know I shouldn't have done this but I couldn't help remember what had happened to Mindy. I took the water hose and sprayed the snake thinking the snake would slither away. Well, remember I didn't think this might be a good idea; it wasn't. The snake started to come after me. I got the snake really mad. My ex was able to get the snake into the woods and then I got a lecture. Mindy didn't get a lecture. Hmmmm. Of course, neither Mindy and I didn't last long with my ex.

This reminded me of another story of when my sister and I were younger. We spent a lot of time at a campground along the Mississippi River. Because we were good swimmers and the current wasn't fast there at that time, we were allowed to go swimming without adult supervision. I think I was somewhere between 10 and 12, with my sister being four years younger. We were playing and my sister was about to sit down when I noticed a moccasin snake swimming behind her. She almost sat on the snake but was fast enough not to do it. Neither one of us likes snakes.

Last year at the cemetery, there was a bull snake basking in front of the office door. It was about four feet long. It didn't like us being around there so off it went to other parts of the cemetery. We watched it for a while but it gets boring rather quickly. What was interesting was that when it reached a monument, it didn't go around it, it went over it (monuments that were about 12" off the ground). Up and down it went. Kind of funny.

Today's earrings

These earrings kind of remind me of snake leather even though they are silver.