Thursday, December 18, 2014

Dec 18 - Philosophy on Happy Life - Sam Berns

Sam Berns’ “My philosophy for a happy life”

1.       Be OK with what you ultimately can’t do, because there is so much you CAN do

2.       Surround yourself with people you want to be around

3.       Keep moving forward

4.       Never miss a party if you can help it

Sam Berns is probably one of the smartest people on happiness. He sure has it together and I believe if you do the steps above, it can change your life around. In the video, Sam is a high schooler; he may be out now but I'm not sure. Sam developed his philosophy and it may have been done in order to cope with the genetic disorder he has, progeria. There are a lot of websites out there on the aging disorder. I have a lot of respect for Sam and I want to be like him; after all, life is too short.

Too often, I find myself not going to a party but maybe I need to force myself to go. Once at a party, it's usually a good time especially if it's with people you want to be around. Don't go to parties with people you don't want to be around unless you have to.

Today is the 24th anniversary of my dad's death. It was a hard day for me and I kept tearing up at weird times. It's hard to lose your parents but it's even harder when you lose them both in the month of December (different years though). My last words to dad were "Say hi to mom" and then he was gone. Someday maybe I'll find a man who is like my dad because most people fall in love with people similar to their parents. I could only wish to have someone like dad. My brothers are copies of dad in how they treat their spouses. Lucky sisters-in-law! I can almost smell my dad and his Old Spice aftershave. When he shaved, he'd let my sister and I run our hands over his face and then he'd make a funny noise that would make us laugh and we'd do it again and again until he got tired of doing it. When dad would get his haircut (a hiney), which is kind of like a crewcut but not quite. Then we'd run our hands over the top of his hair just touching the tips. It would tickle our hands and the giggling would just take over. Miss you dad.

Looked up "hiney" and came across a neat website "The Story Collector" with the story of "the history of hair." I can relate to this person and maybe it's because he knew what a hiney was and ended up, in all places, Minnesota.  The author is Bill Gurnon and he's a good writer. This website is a collection of stories written by different people and different topics.  Excited to have found this website - should be very interesting.

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