Thursday, March 26, 2015

Mar 26 - Continuing to trust people; Flamenco Egg Recipe

I want to believe and trust that something physically happened to the copilot of Flight 9525. My sister and I talked about this and wonder if the co-pilot hadn't said anything for 20 minutes and that the plane was on autopilot and something happened to the co-pilot like a brain or heart aneurism or some incapacitating health issue, could this have been a possibility. We want to believe that this is what happened and the co-pilot did not crash the plane intentionally. We're praying that this is discovered. Also, I appreciate the fast action of airlines to make sure there's always two crew people in the cockpit. That might not prevent something from happening but it might. Bless all of the families and friends that have suffered with this tragedy.

Have my first reader from Spain. I'm sure it's because of the plane crash that the person read my blog. Kind of like to think it was for other reasons. And like in the past, whenever I have a reader from a country that hasn't visited my blog before, I have to do my egg theme in their honor.

Spanish eggs - just the sound of it makes me think "yum"! Found the recipe for Flamenco eggs and the word yum doesn't even come close to describing it. You can find a simple recipe for it at Found another recipe that had lower calories but it doesn't compare to the recipe at the site above.

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