Thursday, March 19, 2015

Mar 19 Weird Photos - Mom?

Today had French reader again. FYI, France banned full face masks including veils: "The key argument supporting this proposal is that face-coverings prevent the clear identification of a person, which is both a security risk, and a social hindrance within a society which relies on facial recognition and expression in communication. " This sounds like a solid, legitimate explanation.

Before my mom died, I asked her to give me signs of afterlife. I believe in the afterlife and heaven and that God has a wonderful home for us to go to. One time, I prayed and asked for my mom's help and within minutes there was a double rainbow. It hadn't rained in our area but the rainbow seemed like it was right on top of the hill across from us. Today I was thinking a lot about mom because she liked her pearls so much. Thought it would be good to wear a pair of Donna's pearls. Now this gets kind of even more weirder (sp?). Took photos of the earrings but instead got photos of my hands - you'll be able to see what I mean.

Here's the more weird I was typing about the rainbow and wanting to wear a pair of Donna's earrings, my keyboard quit working. Okay, easily fixed by putting in new batteries. Bad news was I only had one new battery left. Figured the worst I could do is put one of the old batteries in and make the new battery work harder. (That's my theory and I don't know if it's true or not but the keyboard now works.). Went to put the cover back on the batteries and it's gone. I've looked everywhere, under my chair, moved my blanket, looked under the end table, and even went through the's just gone into thin air.

So here are the photos in the exact order they were taken.

No settings were changed either. Kind of different. Hey mom - you have my keyboard cover for the batteries?

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