Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mar 17 - Happy St. Patrick's Day

Just about everyone at work wore green today. It was kind of fun. Learned today that celebrating St. Pat's Day in United States is different than in Ireland. Was told that the actual color associated with St. Patrick was blue. Also that dressing in green and all of our wonderful St. Patrick's Day dishes such as Irish stew and corned beef & cabbage aren't celebrated in Ireland. As a fan of Irish butter, which is shipped into some local stores, I found that that is an authentic Irish food Another site for reference.

St. Patrick's Day originally was brought into being by the Catholic Church and helped Irish immigrants in the US "as a way of affirming  their identity. The other day on while in Minneapolis, KFAI was playing on my radio talk with the honorary Irish person, Dai Thao, a member of St. Paul City Council . Dai Thao was going to be part of the Irish parade held in St. Paul every St. Patrick's Day. Interesting station focusing on "diverse racial, social and economic backgrounds.  Check out the radio program by going to

Today's earrings - nope, they are not green but my jacket was.

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