Friday, March 20, 2015

Mar 20 - Authentic Self

Years ago, my sister-in-law gave me a book on simplicity and discovering one's authentic self. Ironically, a year later I was no longer married to the person I had been with for 30 years. All of this has to do with synchronicity This past December, I looked in the mirror and said "I want to get to know you, the real you." That day began my sincere journey to find the person who has been hidden for years. Sometimes I'm a Dr. Phil fan and other times, I'm not. Tonight I am a fan. I'm also a fan of synchronicity and coincidences not really being coincidences; however, everything is self-directed under God. In other words, my fate is determined by me and what I do and what I fail to do. I might miss an opportunity but fall right in the lap of another opportunity. Anyway, back to authentic self and sometime I'll write more on coincidence, fate, and opportunity.

One of the many advices Dr. Phil gives includes finding one authentic self. The real you, the person God meant you to discover at some point in your life. A lot of people know who they are and then there are those who die never discovering themselves. I think my brother and sister-in-law have found their authentic selves a couple of years ago through their church journey and learning about God. They always have been a great couple but I can see how much closer they have gotten. Dr. Phil's article on authenticity can be found at

Personally, I wasn't blessed with being my authentic self and it has taken me years to get here. Maybe by the time I'm 65 or 68, I'll know more but for now, I'm on a roll. Met with a friend today and she and I are finding our authentic selves only she is kind of lucky because it's only taken her seven years and it's taking me twice that time. That is because I had an opportunity that I took - I'm glad I took it because even though it was a heart-breaking experience, the memories that I have are something I will always cherish.

Years ago, I remember hearing the line "look deep, deep into my eyes and what do you see." Always liked that line. Too bad it took me so long to look deep into my own eyes. Mirrors are great when you want to look deep into your own eyes. This brings me to images of looking deep into the eyes. Since finding how cool Google images are, here's another one

Today's earrings (didn't notice it until just now but my earrings almost gave me away - had to look close to see what could be seen - at least you can't look deep into my eyes - looks like my head has been replaced with a cell phone.)

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