Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mar 24 - More snow on the way

Tonight we're supposed to get another 3-4 inches of snow. It's melting snow fast already (accidently typed snow instead of "so" and thought it was cute so I kept it there). Brought my boots home from work, just in case. Maybe we'll have rain instead. I would like to hear a thunderstorm again.

Used my glider this morning so I forgot to put earrings in. What happens is that I don't allow extra time in the morning and things get past me. Rather spend the extra five minutes in my bed than remembering my earrings (plus I accidently put my phone under my pillow - thought I was going to have to buy a new phone but lucked out).

Yesterday, my blog had 23 Russian readers and 1 reader from Turkey and another from France. Interesting how this happens some times. We joked that maybe someone things there's a secret code in my blog but there isn't. However, I had to look up secret code. Because I'm not into deciphering, my search took a different turn. Found a site with paintings that had possible secret codes on the paintings themselves. Hmmm very interesting. Will have to get a biography on Michelangelo to see if there's something in that about hidden meanings within his paintings. Maybe there's even a book on this. Should be interesting to read about him and compare him with Leonardo da Vinci since I've already read his biography.

When you think about people, do you ever wonder if some day that intelligent or artistic person you know may have very deep meaning for people in the future. I've met a couple of artistic people and some extremely intelligent people but I don't think we'll be reading about them in the future. The closest person that I know of that made some kind of history is a turf breeder who I used to work for.

No earrings today but will try to wear a pair tomorrow if I have enough time since I will be doing both my glider and rebounder in the morning.

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