Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mar 18 - Full Face Muslim Veils

Surprisingly a number of countries have banned full face Muslim veils in public areas. My concern is that there's going to be "them" and "those" societies in the United States if we keep going the way we are. No longer will I shop at Target because they are promoting this separatism and interferes with human rights. One of the articles I read stated a great way of supporting no veils in public places: "Those who want to integrate are welcome irrespective of their religion," Ghiringhelli stated on the Il Guastafeste website. "But those who rebuff our values and aim to build a parallel society based on religious laws, and want to place it over our society, are not welcome."  This makes so much sense and instead of become mush to everything and everyone, standards have been set. You can't please everyone all of the time.

See for France banning full faces being hidden. Their reasoning is facial recognition is important and I agree. It's already hard enough when we all look alike and have to identify someone.

Left the house so fast this morning, again I forgot to wear earring Will have to be more mindful of what I'm doing in the mornings.

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