Thursday, May 21, 2015

May 21 - First reader from Montenegro - Sampita Recipe

Dad used to take me to auctions from the time I can remember up until he went into the nursing home. He liked auctions and so did I. My first time bidding at an auction I might have been about 12 or 13 years old. I can remember the first time my sister bid at an auction. She bought a bedroom set. The excitement that was in the air between us was pretty intense. Can you imagine two young ladies (maybe in our 20s at that time) bidding. My sister won the bid for the antique set. Had it for quite a few years and then gave it to me. When I needed a new bed, there was no room in the inn for it so it went to a new home and made another happy family. Back to the auction. At one of the auctions dad took me to, I bought some jewelry. In it was an older pin with "Yugoslavia" stamped on the back. Yugoslavia didn't come into existence until the early 1900s. Then broke up into smaller countries not too long ago. One of those countries is Montenegro.

Now I have to stand corrected and am kind of disappointed but not totally. Went looking for my pin and it wasn't too hard to find because I wear it every couple of months or so. It was not stamped with Yugoslavia on it as I had thought (thought that for quite a few years). Guess you quite looking at the back stamp at some point and then thoughts get altered when you don't refresh your memory. Well, the stamp says "MADEINCECHOSLOV" so I'm still happy about it.

Isn't it a pretty pin!

It's egg recipe time because of a new reader from a new country. In their honor, I found a recipe called Sampita. Oh so nummy looking. Lots of eggs in it. My family isn't big on meringue but I think we've only had a meringue when it was baked. This meringue uses a hot syrup. Here's the link

Today's earring, not earrings, was from Donna. There was a pair when I left home this morning but somehow one of the earrings got lost between work and home. If I don't find it then I'll have to pair it up with another earring. It's too nice not to use it again.

Really bad photo - sorry.

It's a holiday weekend in the United States and I'm taking off to spend time with my family in the Cities. So looking forward to it. My blog might be a little short depending on how tired I get.

Happy Memorial Day!

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