Sunday, May 31, 2015

May 31 Earrings in progress

All week long I've been watching YouTube videos on how to make earrings. On one of those days, I discovered earring beads made from paper. Yesterday and today, the days were mostly spent on making beads. Enjoyed making the paper beads and thought I'd try making fabric beads. The fabric beads are now my favorite but my paper trimmer dulled very quickly. Double-sided adhesive is stuck to the fabric and then cut into strips; the paper beads were made from strips also but decoupage was used to keep it intact.  Funny thing though was I forgot how to make the strips for the paper beads after spending the day making fabric beads. Guess I got too tired so the work/fun stopped for the night. Can't wait to make earrings out of these beads now. The first photo is of paper beads. The second photo is fabric beads.

The beads kind of look the same but the paper beads are shiny. Need to put more Mod Podge on them to finish them. Going to see if I can get another product that I saw in a video called something like Petrified Wood, which is used for rotting wood. Guess it works really good on paper beads.

The final photo is the earrings I wore today. These were bought many years ago around mother's day and I've worn them every time I need my mom close to me.

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