Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 26 - More photos - special to me and one pair of earrings

Going to get the earring out of the way right away. This is one of the pairs I made the other day with my sister-in-law. Objects change color when you have different lighting and I learned that lesson again today. Thought the bead at the bottom of the earrings was silver but in natural lighting, it almost has a pinkish look to it. Will be making these over to correct them to silver. The "pink" doesn't go with the earring. The glass beads were kind of twisted. In this photo, the bottom bead looks silver but it's not.


I love trains and my nephew made my day during our boating trip on Saturday. A train was coming and he drove the boat so I could be underneath the railroad trestle as the train went over. My heart rushed as I saw the train coming, going over us, and finally leaving. It was a pretty noisy experience but one I'll never forget. The photos below show the stages of the train travel. Glad I was able to get some graffiti on some of the cars. Great experience!!! Now imagine the train blowing its horn and the chugging of the train. There were things falling from the train but I wasn't sure what it was. At first I thought pieces were falling on the roof of the pontoon but then realized that I wasn't under the roof. Little mind game with myself. Funny thing is as I write this, I can hear the train going through my town even though I'm about a half mile or so away. Choo choo choo,  choo choo choo, choo choo choo. I hear the whistling blowing and it's calling my name.

Besides the love for trains and water, I love geometric shapes/patterns and architecture. The train photos have it all. What a wonderful day!

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