Saturday, May 2, 2015

May 1 - Happy May Day

Fridays are something I usually look forward to because they're followed by Saturdays. Someday, I know it won't matter so much but now I like them. I know that usually it means a weekend is ahead that I'll be able to explore. Most of the time my weekends aren't planned and just happen. That is going to be my weekend this time. What comes comes.

Bobbi loves it when we make the bed together. After the bed is stripped and ready to put new sheets on, she jumps up on the bed and is ready for action. That's my signal to put on the fitted sheet. She has then goes to each corner and plays like my hands are mice while fitting the corner on the mattress. Then comes the flat sheet. It takes several tries of the flat sheet being lifted in the air and coming down on the bed. Sometimes it takes four or five tries for the sheet to lay just right. Well, Bobbi is all over the bed running from one side to the other. Again, it's cat and mouse time for tucking in the corners. Then comes the light weight blanket. I think this is Bobbi's favorite because this is when she starts to purr, loudly. The blanket takes three or four tries of shaking it into the air and it landing just right for me to tuck in the corners. She leaves me alone while I do that but then it's time to play "find the kitty" since she is under the blanket. She loves it when I move my hands from here to there around her. If anyone heard (guess you've heard now), you might think it's kind of crazy because I say out loud while I'm doing this "Where's the kitty?" She comes out for air after each new item goes on the bed. Next comes the comforter and that usually only takes one or two shakes in the air for it to land in place. There's no tucking in corners this time and it's time to uncover the kitty. This sure makes making the bed fun and playful for Bobbi. Because of that, it's not a chore.

Today's earrings are another pair of mine.

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